Physical medicine and rehabilitation

Su Zhan, MD, PhD specializes in treating the whole patient to get the best results. She doesn't just address the specific injury or condition. This approach helps to improve overall recovery and can help stop a recurrence of pain or disfunction.

Dr. Zhan is a Physical medicine and rehabilitation (PM&R) doctor also known as a Physiatrist and specializes in interventional spine and joint pain. She is able to treat disability that may result from disease or injury to nerves, muscles and bones. The ultimate aim of treatment at WNY Rehabilitation Medicine and Pain Management is to restore normal function as completely as possible and to improve quality of life for patients so they can work normally and enjoy their lives.

What to expect when you visit Dr. Zhan

To get a complete picture of your general health and to help diagnose injuries of the musculoskeletal systems, Dr. Zhan will take a full medical history before performing a complete physical exam. This may be followed by a series of diagnostic testing, x-rays, MRI scans or electromyography

Physiatry Treatments

The treatment offered by WNY Rehabilitation Medicine and Pain Management to help with pain and injury may include one or some combination medications, active physical therapy and occupational therapy or recreational therapy. Pain can also be addressed with passive physical therapies such as ultrasound or heat or massage and back braces.

Dr. Zhan can also perform lumbar epidural steroid injections for temporary relief of low back pain and leg pain and help a patient progress with rehabilitation and exercise.

Among the musculoskeletal disorders we can treat are

Shoulder Pain Neck problems
Back pain Elbow pain
Knee pain Wrist and hand pain
Arthritis Hip pain

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